On our way to Koh Lipe

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Noommie and I decided to go to the West part of Thailand to make photos for our Thailand Postcard application. One morning in October we put things like camera, tripod, clothes, coffee mug etc. in the car and we hit the road down to the south west of Thailand. We passed many interesting points, especially I would emphasize lake Thale Noi which lies on east coast, close to Songkhla province. It's amazing place and it’s worth to go there in the morning to see beautiful lily water and all kind of water birds and even water buffalo.

After lunch in Songkhla province we continued our way down to Malaysia border to the border city Padang Besar where I extended my Thai visa. After going out of the country and entering Malaysia and then in the same second leaving Malaysia and entering Thailand which took me 1 hour, we continued our drive to Pak Bara pier where we took speed boat to Koh Lipe.

Pak Bara pier it’s a small pier in Satun province and offers, in addition to Koh Lipe, ferry drives to Tarutao national park and Bulon. We bought tickets, it was 650 THB/person and after few minutes waiting we were already on the speed boat ride to Koh Lipe.

Speed boat stops at one island called Koh Kai (Egg island) which has really breath taking transparent water and sandy beach. But there’s nothing else going on, thus we left after 20 minutes.

Once we arrived close to Koh Lipe island speed boat took us to the lumber raft which serves to collect people from bigger boats and then take them to the island in long tail boats for which you need to pay extra 50 THB/person.

If I found this as a rip-off in the beginning I learned at later stage that there’s a good reason for this practice. As Koh Lipe is place known for many coral reefs and in order to protect them they don’t allow bigger boats to come close to the coast.

And here we are, on this beautiful, little island and its time to make photos for our Thailand Postcard application.


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