Learning Thai language

Coming to Thailand brought some challenges in my life. And one of the challenges I found extremely challenging was to learn the local language. As person who likes to indulge in small talk with local people I felt somehow limited to communicate with nice old lady who's selling fruit and vegetable on the local market. So I decided to learn Thai.

I started with buying a book Learning Thai for foreigners and learning first words which I found inevitable to know. It's funny how some words which we think are international in fact don't mean anything to local people. For example word toilet, WC, restroom etc. doesn't ring a bell at all to Thai who don't speak any English, thus I had to learn how to say:"Where's the toilet?" Furthermore, how to say for bill in the restaurant? Restaurant staff don't understand hand/finger gesture which we use in Western world for requesting the bill. Therefore I had to learn word "KEPTANG"which means bill in Thai.

As you might know (or not) Thai language is a tonal language which means that it emphasises more tones in articulation than grammar. In fact grammar is very simple as they don't use tenses, declination, conjugation or any other grammatical rules we're used in Indo European languages. In fact once you know the words you just need to put them together in a sentence. However, as mentioned, different tones in every word are the challenging one.

I started phonetically writting the words I heard randomly on the street or the market, put them in my phone and repeated every and each of them every evening so I gradually remembered it and was able to use it in daily communication.

I also sent some postcards with Thailand Postcard application to my Thai friends and wrote them few words in Thai.

I believe one day I will learn it enough to have conversation with my in-laws.


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