Coming to Khanom, Thailand

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Khanom is a small town located southeast of Thailand in province Nakhon Si Thammarat. Around 20.000 people who live in this town are mainly agricultures, fishermen or working in tourism which is becoming important branch.

You can find at least ten beaches as you drive along the coast of Khanom. A lot of them are empty and they allow you to walk freely from south to north.

It's amazing feeling when you walk on the sandy beach and sea water is gently grazing your feet. And then you see all the coconut trees along the way how they swagger and protect you from the burning sun. And all these beautiful birds flying around with all these colors. Just divine.

Khanom is really beautiful place and this is one of the reasons why we decided to select it as a kick-off venue for our project named Thailand Postcard.

In future blogs we'll depict more about our traveling around Thailand supported with beautiful pictures which can be used as postcards and ready to send to your family and friends only by using our application Thailand Postcard.


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